Pothecary Gin Identity & Packaging

Pothecary Gin is an artisnal, British-blended gin made by two friends and five European sourced, wild-foraged, organic botanicals.


This curious elixir is the result of the labors of two friends with a shared passion for gin.  Each bottle is distilled individually, and blended by hand in ultra small batches using local spring water in England. Our packaging was inspired by vintage apothecary bottles featuring illustrations of the five key ingredients on the back.

Curious Elixir

Our client was looking to create a clean, classic identity for this unique spirit. Inspired by vintage apothecary bottles, we designed an understated front label using type and a minimal colour palette. Each of the five botanicals are featured on the back of the bottle with an illustration and flavour details. The artwork is silkscreened onto the bottle, making it visible from the front of the bottle as well.