M.Gemi Creative Direction and Design

Serving as M.Gemi’s Creative Director, Adam&Co. helped to evolve the brand’s positioning and launch their men’s collection. 

Brand Identity & Positioning

M.Gemi is a direct-to-consumer Italian footwear brand offering luxury-quality products at a fraction of the cost of the traditional luxury category. At the time we were brought on board, M.Gemi was still a very young brand but, as a data-driven business, they knew it was already time for them to evolve. 


Working with their internal team, we engaged in a comprehensive process to evolve their brand positioning, refine their core consumer, clarify brand messaging, and to develop a strategy for the launch of their men’s business. We coined the term “postluxury” to describe their unique brand offering, that is quickly defining a new category within the consumer goods market.


We revisited and simplified the visual identity, color palette and use of typography to tell a cohesive brand story across both businesses. We oversaw the development of e-comm, product and lifestyle photography and developed a thorough brand book that outlines the new strategy and updated visual guidelines.

Men's Launch & Campaign

With roots in Florence, M.Gemi had always chosen Italy as the lush backdrop for their campaign photography. For the launch of their men’s business, we did the same. Our goal was to create a dramatic impact with the launch of the men’s business and the Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi in Palermo, Sicily offered just that. We captured an extensive library of images showcasing the full collection shot by fashion photographer Stewart Shining and styled by Mitchell Belk.

Women's Campaign Photography

To create a sense visual harmony between the women’s and men’s businesses, we also shot the new women’s campaign at the same location. Co-creative directed with M.Gemi’s Rachel Solomon, photographed by Arnaud Pyvka, styling by Alexandra Elbim.

Digital Experience

As an online business, all of M.Gemi’s marketing efforts happen digitally, across multiple platforms. We worked with M.Gemi’s internal team to oversee the creative development of all digital initiatives including web, mobile, app, email and social campaigns. We updated the site’s look and feel to reflect the new positioning, and the user experience to seamlessly integrate the men’s business.

Mens Website