Take Care Tahoe 04.06.15

The Take Care campaign was developed to raise awareness around the harmful effects of irresponsible behaviours in the Lake Tahoe area. The goal is to inspire a culture of caretaking and environmental stewardship amongst residents and visitors, in order to preserve the natural beauty and health of the region. In partnership with Nathan Laver and Meg Siegal, we developed a cheeky visual tone for the campaign.  With the help of comedian Ryan Sickler, and illustrator Richard Perez, we created an adult flashcard vibe by combining witty phrases, potty humour and a pop illustration style with a vibrant color palette inspired by the landscape. One voice intended to spread a simplified message, and encourage positive action.



Take Care is led by the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, a group of organizations working together to help inspire a greater sense of community and responsibility in the greater Tahoe Region.